4 Things That I Have Learnt From Blogging For Tempestra UK

Michelle Tells The Truth About What It Is Like Blogging About Lingerie

For over 5 months now I have been writing for the Tempestra UK blog and managing the social media profiles for this lingerie retail website. When I first came on board, Rachel the wonderful operator behind Tempestra.co.uk was quite clear about what she wanted. “Readable engaging blog content that is inspired by lingerie.” She directed me towards some of the most popular online lingerie themed blogs, such as Fullfigurefullerbust and asked me to do something similar for her website.

I won’t lie at first, I felt like there was a level of hostility against me as a lingerie blogger joining the community. Obviously being sponsored by one singular retailer made me different because the products that I received were products that Tempestra retailed specifically. It was also difficult to balance the demand for SEO and linking with honest content. However, Rachel and I agreed that quality was the most important and so I proceeded with that in mind.

Throwback, My First Post On The Tempestra Blog

In these months I’ve learnt a few lessons about blogging about lingerie that I would like to share with you. Some are bitter sweet and other really have made me really excited to continue to do this job.

not plus sized

1.) Don’t Call Your Self Plus Size In A Lingerie Review If You Aren’t Actually Plus Sized

I remember my first twitter message from an angry plus size fashion blogger who felt the need to point out that I was not plus sized, just busty DD+ (there is a difference). Obviously, for SEO purposes I have used phrases in my blog like plus size fashion, plus size lingerie, etc. With my measurement being on the “borderline” of what would be considered above average I never thought that this would be a problem. However, I suppose it is kind of like when your “not-so-fat” friend constantly calls herself fat all the time, it is annoying I can see how it may tick people off. (sorry)

Although my bust does cause me a fair amount of fashion dilemma’s it isn’t the same as being bigger in that way. (I don’t know how else to say it) There are so many great plus size bloggers out there who are truly inspirational at offering fashion advice and confidence to women who are struggling with their size and this comment really put things into perspective for me.


2.) The Internet Can Be Mean!

If you want to be a lingerie blogger you are also going to develop a thick skin. In spite of the fact that I have worked full time writing online content for various clients until I started blogging about lingerie I have never received any personal attacks related to content that I have written. It wasn’t too long ago that I received a comment attacking my body and saying that I “shouldn’t think that I look good”. This person, who obviously didn’t understand the purpose behind writing lingerie reviews seemed to think that I was trying to be a lingerie model in my review images. This hurt me at first especially when they pointed out my stretch marks. Any of you who have frequented this blog know that I do not photoshop out my marks because I feel like women deserve to see real bodies represented.

spportive friends

3.) Complete Strangers Can Be Amazingly Supportive!

For every “mean” comment I have received I have also had many people encouraging me to continue to write lingerie blog posts and reviews. Many people have told me that they are inspired by my honest approach to body image and how i speak candidly about my own struggles with my figure.

This has allowed me to take the blog beyond the initial task of creating promotional content for Tempestra.co.uk. Now, with the help of Rachel we are starting a new website www.betterbrascanada.com to help bring better bras, fitting advice, and confidence to women in Canada. I would of never been able to do this without the encouragment of both friends and strangers who have continued to cheer me on.


4.) Friends and Family May Not Get It!

Because I seemingly make money “playing around on the internet” my friends and family don’t often understand exactly what it is I do. When the tempestra.co.uk blog first went up many of my family members had something to say about me posting pictures of myself in my underwear online. However, they very quickly just got used to it. I like to think that the acceptance comes from the fact that they also now understand why I think that providing lingerie reviews for women in the DD+ range like myself is important.

Blogging for Tempestra has been such a wonderful experience so far. I am so excited to continue to write content for this site. It is true blessing that I get to pursue my passion of writing, and get to speak creatively about things that i enjoy like lingerie and fashion.

Until Next Time,


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Tempestra UK Relationships, Do You Have Less Sex After You Are Married?

lily and marshall

Michelle’s Perspective on The Joys of Married Sex

In your mid 20’s an odd thing happens, around 25 your friends and acquantances who are a similar age as you become divided. About half, continue to enjoy the “single life” for a few more years while the other half begin to settle down and get married.

For me, I always wanted to be married and start my family young so that I would have lots of energy to chase little babies around and pursue important things. Not that love isn’t important but once I met my husband I felt as if I had that area covered.

married_couple_from_up A common question that many of my unmarried friends ask me is “if you have less sex once you are married?”. Somehow, being a lingerie blogger and contently married woman I am somehow a go-to source for marriage sex curiosities. Well the honest truth about that is both yes and no. Because, we have a baby under the age of two, busy careers, active social lives, we do not have sex as much as we did when we were first dating by-far. That said considering, we have a young baby under two, busy careers, and active social lives we do have sex often enough. Really, I despise the misconception that married couples don’t have enough sex. Honestly, this is a stereotype that has been propelled in various outlets for far too long. Maybe in some ways it is true- married couples don’t have sex that often. However, in a healthy relationship this isn’t because they have lost interest in each other, it is often because they have found better things to do with their time together.

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy sex probably as much as any other 25 year old person. We jumpstarted our life together with a baby and then both became very involved our careers. Still, the intimacy level of my own relationship remains strong even if it isn’t always in the bedroom. If you are thinking about getting married but wondering what negative effect that may have on your sex life, chances are that you just aren’t ready. In my opinion I feel like in order for a marriage to be a success the relationship has to of evolved beyond that lust-filled puppy love and into a trule intimate relationship. This is taking into account the idea that intimacy is so much more than just frequent sex, it is about understanding, appriciation, and love. It is also about admiring the person beyond their physical attributes.


As for those couples do want to get married but worry that dramatically less action will make you and your spouse grow apart, let me tell you one truth: Less sex does not mean that your relationship is failing. I would count the quality of sex that you do have or even just the communication about sex as a better indicator of your relationships current standing. Yes, it is a good idea to keep things interesting after you say “I do” but the actual amount of sex that you have does not indicate the health of your relationship at all.

Read More About Sex After Marriage:

Married Couples Who Have Sex

When Sex Leaves The Marriage

The Simple Marriage: Bad Sex


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Tempestra UK Spring Cleaning, What to Do With Your Old Bras

Funny spring cleaning image

Spring Cleaning The Lingerie Drawer…

In our last post we were gushing about the current spring colour palette. I also mentioned how spring is the perfect time of year to clean out your lingerie drawer and figure out what to do with all of the pieces that either

a.) do not fit anymore

 b.) you are no longer in love with.

I should admit that I may be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to my own lingerie wardrobe collection. Although I am usually quite generous handing over bras that I have purchased that did not fit when I received them, I also am quote guilty of hanging on to old faithful bras even once they have outlived their usefulness. Basically, for the longest time I was in between sizes. Before my son was born I was a 34G/GG… during the time when I was breast-feeding I purchased a few 36, even 38 band up to a J Cup  because I honestly was over-estimating my size. Once that phase was over I settled in at my current 34H cup. Now, when I try on my older G cup size bras I am often amazed at how much difference a single cup size can make! long story short, they don’t fit.

Tempestra UK Blogger Michelle

My ever growing lingerie collection all thrown in a nice pile for your viewing pleasure. ( I am usually nicer to my bras…)

As a result of this I have ended up with wide array of size ranges in my collection. Like I mentioned before, for some time now I have been hopeful that I would be able to wear some of my favorite G Cup bras again but let’s be realistic the likelihood of my bra size going down is slim.

Bra does not fit memeWhat To With Your Bras That Do Not Fit

If you purchase high quality lingerie it should last for a few years depending on how frequently you wear it. This means in many cases the bra may have more wears in them even once you have grown tired of it. Depending on your life changes, gain weight/ lose weight, pregnancy, etc. some of your bras may stop working for you. If you take care of your them there really is no reason why you cannot re-sell them or at least donate them to someone else who may really appreciate the gesture.

Need A New Bra? Shop Tempestra UK for Spring 2014 Styles Now!

When To Donate, When To Sell

Things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you should donate OR sell an older bra include:

-When it was purchased

-How many times it was worn

-The current condition of the bra

- What similar bras are retailing for

- If there are any similar styles being sold online

Bras that you have purchased, worn once or twice and decided were not your favorite can usually be resold if they are still in season from the manufacture. However, bras that are a few years old may be more difficult to move.

Keep in mind that not everyone is fortunate enough to have a bra in the correct size from a high quality label. Donating your speciality DD+ or other hard to come by bra to a good cause is actually a fantastic way to do your part and give back to the community. Often, a bra that you may have grown tired of or that does not longer fit you can really be a great wardrobe piece for someone in need.

Where to Donate Your Bra in The UK:

Bra Recycling | Against Breast Cancer

upliftbras.org Recycling bras to women in need

Bra Appeal Donate Your Unwanted Bras – BreastTalk.co.uk


Tempestra UK, More Lingerie Trends For Spring!

Panache Lingerie Spring 2014 Lingerie Fashion Styles Perfect For Spring!

Spring is officially here, and so are the spring lingerie fashions. Only slightly straying away from last years neon trend, the lingerie colour palette for 2014 is still bright and cheery- but is no longer so bright it could be directing traffic. Pastels and bright  colours in shades like candy pink, lemon sorbet, tangerine and aqua. Florals, of course, are back for spring. So are fun cutesy prints and retro high waisted shorts. After nearly two years on the upswing the longline is officially a lingerie style that it here to stay, with nearly every UK boutique label rolling out their edition of this increasingly popular style.

6-rgb-lr-maddie_7201_moulded_balconnet_t_shirt_bra_front_aqua 4-rgb-lr-andorra_5675_fullcupbra_tangerine_front lemon_sorbet_padded_plunge_bra gel_bra_lace_pixel_persian_red_sg 4-rgb-hr-6831_marcie_balconnet_bra_pink_front

Shop Spring Colour Fashions At Tempestra UK

Must Have Pieces To Update Your Lingerie Wardrobe

If you are like me and have a large lingerie collection that keeps growing their is no way in the world that you wear each of your bras seasonably. Unlike seasonable clothes, bra and lingerie set fashion appears to move a little bit slower for this reason. Typically, lingerie fashion fans will usually purchase only a few select pieces each season. This is why designers tend to stagger their spring/summer designs and autumn/ winter designs. I tend to update with one statement piece per season, so I really only purchase about four bras a year. Because the DD+ lingerie brands that I shop for are high quality and tend to last, i’ve found myself with an extensive collection in a wide variety of color palettes that tell the fashion trend stories from the last few years. I’ve noticed that their really hasn’t been any dramatic variations. The lovely thing about fashion in any realm is that colour trends to transition but they are rather predictable for each season so this helps to keep older pieces still fashionably relevant.

Cleo By Panache Maddie Bra in Aqua

That said, updating your wardrobe with a few new lingerie sets can be a real mood booster! Not to mention it is a good time to check and see if your bra size has fluctuated at all. Spring is a good time to try on your old lingerie and sort out what fits and what does not fit. You may also want to donate some older styles to make room for your new purchases.

If you want to be up on the trends my advice is to buy at least one bra in the most popular color for the 2014 season, and then maybe an adorable print. What I like to do is purchase a style that I need, in a color that is current. For example, aside from the Panache line Fantasie bras have always been a close favorite for me, especially the Rebbeca design. This year Fantasie has released the Rebecca in a gorgeous magenta colour and I absolutely cannot wait to snatch one up. (Sadly we don’t yet carry Fantasie at Tempestra… the Panache Porcelain, might be a good alternative for some people!?)

rebbeca moulded cup in magenta

Rebecca By Fantasie Magenta

(I also see myself breaking the one new bra per season rule this year because I absolutely MUST get my hands on a longline style DD+ for reviewing!)

If you do not have the funds to do a full lingerie wardrobe overhaul this spring, stick with choices that are season-less and timeless. As fun as it is to keep up with colour and style trends, it is more important to have a functional lingerie wardrobe that works all year round. Instead of migrating towards very “current” colours, look for styles that come in classic colours and offer plenty of functionality. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking with the white, nudes, and blacks if that is what you prefer although that may be hard to do after seeing this years colour palette!

Happy Lingerie Shopping!


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Tempestra UK Lingerie Review, Panache Fern Superbra

Panache Superbra, Fern in Light Blue Floral Print

By now i am fairly confident in the sizing of the Panache Superbra line. Once again I received the Panache Superbra Balconet Fern style in a 34HH. The light blue floral print version of this bra is absolutely stunning! Right off the bat, I have to say that this is one of the most gorgeous bras that i have ever owned. I almost get emotional about it, because one of my struggles as a DD+ lingerie shopper is that I often feel limited in seasonable styles. This bra absolutely says “springtime fashion”. Not that I won’t be wearing it all year around! I love it, and it makes me want to go out and purchase up a whole entire spring wardrobe, even though there is still snow on the ground here in Canada.

 Where should I begin to praise this bra!? I guess in order to explain why I love it so much I will begin by revisiting my failed Panache moulded experience a few weeks ago. I learnt two things from that review experience.

#1.) For a perfect fit you absolutely must shop for your true band size

#2.) I may be over my love affair with padded moulded bras

You Can Purchase The Panache Fern Superbra From Tempestra UK

Panace Fern Under Bust

Panace Fern, Under Bust

One of the main reasons why I used to be a devoted fan of the padded bra is because of the nice rounded shape that it gave my breasts and the fact that it discretely hid my nipples so you could not see them under thin tops. Before the great boob expansion (aka. The Birth of My Son) in 2012 I never had a problem finding foam moulded cups that worked for me. I was a huge fan of the Fantasie and Freya label because of their moulded cup bras. However, once I got into the realm of the bigger H Cup, foam moulded bras no longer seemed to work anymore. (Plus I didn’t really need the extra “padding”)

I still prefer smoothing bras because they can’t be seen under tops, but finding a good one can be difficult. One of my current lingerie peeve’s is elaborately embroidered cups that may look nice but are fashionably impractical like the Angie masquerade bra i reviewed before. Ideally, what I now look for is a bra that gives the same desirable shape and uplift as a moulded cup, but is thin and smooth for practicality purposes. The Fern Bra is just that! In many ways it works as a gorgeous t-shirt bra. The structure provides that nice smooth and round shape and the fabric is soft and breathable. Because this bra is not elaborately embroidered the stitching disappears under your clothes. I have included a snap of my outfit today so you can see how fernbrawonderfully the Panache Fern style disappears under a tight fitting top.

Any woman in the DD+ lingerie cup sizes who has ever been frustrated with the fact that well structured bras often have large seems that show through blouses and tops, should give the Fern Bra a try. On top of the fact that the print is fantastic, this bra is just as supportive as any of the moulded t-shirt bras that I have had over the years.

Other Positive Notes For This Bra

- The cups are generous and the gore lays flat against my chest

- The seeming that is in the center of the cup does not show up other shirts!

- You can’t see my nipples!

-No Overspill

- This bra is light! So it is perfect for the spring and summer when it is hot outside.

Shop For The Fern Superbra By Panache Online At Tempestra UK!

Panache Fern, Side View

Panache Fern, Side View

Is The Panache Fern, My New Favourite Bra?

I have a feeling that me and this bra are going to become very fast best friends this spring because of it’s amazing shape and style. I almost want to say that this bra is perfect, which is probably why it is one of the most popular Panache styles that they continue to re-release seasonably. If you do have a problem finding moulded cups and are not a fan of lace, this Panache Superbra may be the solution that you need. Although it is not completely “seamless” i would still say that it works as a smoothing bra because it is so well designed that you will never see the stitching through a normal shirt.

Just To Make Sure That I Wasn’t Nutters I Scoured The Web For Other “Panache Fern Reviews” because it appears to be a style that they have had for a long time. Here are some of the other reviews that I have found. Not all of them “hearted” the Fern Superbra as much as me, but there is some good fitting info to read if you are thinking about ordering this bra from Tempestra UK:

Plus Size Bra Review: Panache ‘Fern’

Review | SS14 Panache Fern

Panache Fern Floral Review By February Girl



Tempestra UK Shopping For A Nursing Bra Online

Taking The Guess Work Out Of Nursing Bra Shopping When You Are Pregnant

Last week I dropped a quick Royce Nursing Bra Review for Throwback Thursday out of support for the recent breastfeeding controversies that have been trending in the blogosphere as of late. The reader response to that review was outstanding! (My most popular yet… i think) So, this week I thought that I would continue along the same lines and offer up some nursing Bra fitting and shopping tips for the new/ soon to be mums out there. 

The reason why nursing bra shopping is a unique experience that is different than shopping for a regular bra, is because you are purchasing a bra in anticipation of the size you will be later on after you give birth. The usual sizing techniques that you use to measure the your cups and band don’t really work here, because you do not know what size you are going to need when your milk comes in. Generally speaking you can assume that your bust will be at least one or two cup sizes bigger. However, band size changes may or may not occur. It really depends on your weight gain and how quickly you drop the baby weight after giving birth as to what your band size should be. Unfortunately there is no consistent rule of thumb on this one, you’ll have to do your best to anticipate your own body and take an educated guess.

michelle pregnant  When I was expecting my son I order two nursing bra’s online about 6 or 7 weeks before my due date. I made sure that I ordered early BECAUSE i wanted to have enough time to return the bras if they didn’t fit. Honestly, if I had to make a recommendation I would suggest that you buy your nursing bras based on the size that you measure at in the beginning of the third trimester. Chances are by now you will have a fair idea about what your brand measurement is going to be, and you can probably assume that your bust has finished expanding. That said, when your milk comes in (sorry if that is too explicit) your boobs will generally become harder and inflate a bit. Most high quality nursing bra manufactures like Royce, have taken this into account in their designs. Unlike, with moulded cup or structured bra the fabric that nursing bras are made of is actually relatively stretchy and breathable. This is because when you are nursing your bra cup size can change even throughout the day!

Tempestra UK Has Maternity and Nursing Bras In Stock and ON SALE!

Tips For Fitting Buying A Nursing Bra Online

- Think Realistically When Estimating Cup Size: Chances are your boobs are going to bigger after you give birth!

- Be Optimistic, When you choose a band size don’t “overshoot” maybe go one size up from what you regularly wear. You may be surprised at how many inches you lose after the L.O is born.

- Go For High Quality, Not Cheap. Just like with any other lingerie, you get what you pay for. Investing in a higher quality nursing bra will help ensure that it lasts for the duration that you are nursing, and any future pregnancies that you may have.

- Read The Reviews! Just like any other time you buy your lingerie online read reviews that are written not only on the product page but from bloggers who are going to give you an honest opinion.

If you decide to buy your nursing bras online order them a few weeks early so that they arrive before your due date and you have some time to try them on. Wearing a soft cup nursing bra if you are accustomed to wearing underwired bras takes a bit of getting used too. Don’t expect to get the same glorious uplift and shape that you do from your every day bras. Nursing bras tend to be more functional than they are atheistically beautiful. That said, if you shop in the right places you can find decent looking, affordably priced breastfeeding bra that will offer reasonable support and shape. For women like myself who are already in DD+ size range, finding a nursing bra that works may take a bit more effort. I personally recommend the Royce line of nursing bras. Freya and Panache also both have nursing bras in DD+ available too from their lines which are actually quite beautiful in appearance.

For More Information About Fitting Yourself For A Nursing Bra Check Out These Great Resources:

Top Nursing Bras and Tips for the Already Well-Endowed DD+ Mama, Part Three: When to Buy and Sleep Nursing Bras

Choosing a maternity bra





Lingerie Review: Royce Nursing Bra

Royce Nursing Bra

Throwback Thursday: Royce

Nursing Bra Review

Pregnant Michelle Peters Tempestra Blogger

If you are just checking in for the first time this week, I have been covering breastfeeding topics in support of that woman in Rugeley, Staffordshire, who was called a tramp for breastfeeding out in public. I thought that I would throwback to my brief stint as a nursing mum and bring you a review of the Royce Lauren Nursing Bra. My nursing bra, which I purchased in 2012 is identical to the Lauren style that we have at Tempestra, minus the pinstripes. It actually has white polka dots instead BUT i am certain the bras are relatively identical otherwise.

I’d like to begin my review with this picture of me pregnant with my son in August of 2012. For those who don’t believe everything they read on the internet unless they have proof, here is proof I WAS PREGNANT at one point. To set the record straight i am not pregnant right now (i think) so my Royce Nursing bra is a bit big in the band. The size on it is 36HH so the cup size is “just right” for me. I’d be lying if I said that I NEVER wore this bra now. In fact it is my go-to sleep in bra because I find it comfy…

Appropriately I wrote this review in my pyjamas, sans make up. I did this for two reasons 1.) To emulate how you will both feel and look when you are nursing! 2.) Because i work full time as a blogger and we clearly never get dressed.

Shop For Royce Nursing and Maternity Bras At Tempestra UK

Royce Nursing Bra, Things To Know

The Royce Lauren Nursing Bra is a soft cup bra without any underwires. This means that if you are accustomed to having underwires you are going to feel weird wearing this bra at first. Although, in my opinion I think it gives a decent shape for a DD+ bra without wired support, don’t expect to get the same amount of uplift and structure that you get with your other bras. In fact, I have yet to find a nursing bra that makes my boobs look half as good as this, so I consider this a win as far as bra’s for this particular purpose go. The word on the street is that you shouldn’t wear underwires while nursing because it causes Mastitis. I didn’t ALWAYS abide by this theory during my breastfeeding stint and I never had any problems, so I suppose it depends on your luck. However, nursing bras are much more convenient to manipulate if you are feeding on demand. This is why I say, invest in a nursing bra at least for around the house. If you aren’t comfortable in the way that it looks, wear an older underwire bra when you go out. Beware though you may want to buy some nipple pads because breast milk can leak through and cause embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Royce_2 Under Clothes

Royce Lauren Nursing Bra Under Shirt

royce_3 front view

Royce Lauren Nursing Bra Front View

I will warn you now Nursing as a DD+ woman has it’s own fair share of challenge. When your pregnant mom friends are excited because their boobs are getting bigger, you will be perplexed by this. “Mine were always big!”. In fact when my bust started to grow, I dreaded it because I know that it would be even more challenging to find a bra that fit when it was all over with. However, the miracle of life is well worth the substantial breast growth AND at least I was already accustomed to shopping in the DD+ size range. My heart goes out to women who surpass the standard A-DD range during pregnancy because they are usually clueless about where to go to find a bra that fits them afterwards. If this sounds like you, welcome to the world of DD+ cup sizing! Don’t worry there are plenty of great lingerie bloggers like myself out there who are willing to help you out with great reviews and advice. Tempestra UK is just one of the many fantastic sites that retails DD+ bra in boutique labels like Panache. If you are like me and live in a country that does not have a wide variety of size selection in DD+, then these UK resources are going to be very quickly become your new best friend.

Anyways, back on track. The Royce Lauren Nursing Bra stands up pretty good as far as functionality goes. The latch unlatches and allows for quick access to the nipple when your little one is hungry. Obviously I didn’t include a picture demonstrating this in action. However I did pose for the mandatory nursing bra “surprise it works!” photograph. Ta-da

Royce Nursing bra thumbs up

Because I think i am so funny, i also tried to include an admiring my own ability to unlatch the latch image, because that appears to be the best way to successfully market these bras. I am a bit embarrassed so if you really want to see this picture you can click here.

Seriously though, what the heck is she doing?

Anyways if you are looking for a great nursing bra in the DD+ arena AND do not want to spend your child’s college fund, then I highly recommend the Royce Lauren Nursing Bra. As you can see it works, doesn’t look too horrendous, and can be used afterwards for sleeping in. ;)

Thanks for reading,


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Tempestra UK, Breastfeeding With Confidence!

Breastfeeding meme, Tempestra UK blog

One Lingerie Blogger’s Take On Breastfeeding

All of the hullaballoo surrounding breastfeeding, can make it extremely difficult for new mums to breastfeed with confidence. Take it from someone who breastfed for over 8 months, there is enough difficulty and personal turmoil going on when you are breastfeeding, that you really do not need the rest of the world’s two cents weighing in. However, public controversy regarding breastfeeding issues seems almost endless. Every week there is a new story about a mum being shamed or insulted because of her choice to breastfeed publically. We can blame this completely on our societies overt sexualizing of breasts because we have allowed breasts to become primarily viewed as sexual entities, instead of for their primary purpose which is nursing children. Don’t think that it is that bad? In some ignorant circles it is thought that women should be issued tickets for indecent exposure if they nurse in public!

Without being too sexist, I feel that men have mainly propelled these ideas. This is why it is actually an issue of female discrimination. You cannot compare a woman nursing to man masturbating, or flashing his ding-dong.

Not that woman do not get snarky about this as well. Right now I am going to clear this one up. If a woman is breastfeeding openly without a cover she is not trying to get attention from your spouse, she isn’t trying to “flaunt her voluptuous breasts” and chances are she certainly is not looking to offend you. Her baby is hungry and she is just trying to feed him or her. How in the world, is this offensive? How is it disgusting?

The reason that I get passionate about this topic is because, public scrutiny towards women who breastfeed is one of the more common reasons why young mums either a.) Choose not to breast feed their infant or b.) Why they give up breastfeeding early on. Something that should be a very personal choice has somehow become a topic of public forum.

Tempestra UK Blogger Michelle’s Breastfeeding Survival Tips:

Here at Tempestra UK we are pro-breastfeeding, if it is right for you. I say this because I don’t want anyone to feel bad if they did not breastfeed and chose to use formula. I understand that this is a complex issue and I absolutely respect every person’s right to pick what works for her self. However, if you are a new mum or an expecting mother I have procured some tips for surviving breastfeeding based on my own experiences:


Invest in Your Chest With A Quality Nursing Bra!

I promise that this is not just a sales pitch for Tempestra, if you have a larger chest (DD+) or even a moderately sized chest you are going to want to purchase a quality-nursing bra that is comfortable and supportive. When your milk comes in regular bras can be uncomfortable. Without putting you off, they are also a pain in the arse to manipulate if you are trying to feed. Trust me, that you will feel better if you have a properly fitting nursing bra that looks decent under your clothes. Having the confidence that your boobs are properly supported and you can feed on demand just removes a little bit of the stress that goes with nursing in public.

Obligatory Tempestra UK Nursing Bra Promo Link, But Trust Me You Are Going To Want One!


Get Your Partner On Board

Unless you are a single mom, it will be nearly impossible to avoid your spouse’s own opinions on breastfeeding. Depending on where he stands on the spectrum of boob feeding idealisms you may find yourself well-supported or meeting resistance. This is where you need to lay down the law. If you have committed your self to nursing then he needs to either “get with it” or “shut up” because the last thing you need is your hubby (or boyfriend) making anti-breastfeeding remarks.

 bra size changes Tempestra UK

Accept That Your Boobs Are Going To Change

I hate this but, after breastfeeding your boobs will be a bit different. Whether they go back to normal, stay large, shrink, or change dramatically in every way possible cannot be controlled. However, it is a misconception that NOT NURSING will help you avoid this. If you have a baby and do not nurse at all your milk will still come in and chances are your breasts still won’t be the same. Plus most of the dramatic size changes happen during pregnancy. The way I see it, if you can’t fight it you may as well embrace it. The good news is whatever happens, there is a bra for that!

hungry jack-tempestra blog UK

Here is a picture of my son at 3 months because…BABIES!

I went from a 34FF to a 36GG to a 34H, HH, and they still haven’t decided what size they are going to be 17 months later. Keep in mind that once your menstrual cycle comes back and you lose a bit of the baby weight your breast size may continue to fluctuate. However, if you look at it in perspective the average woman’s breast size changes several times in their lifetime not just after baring a child. Adjusting to this can be easy if you just try to accept it as part of the deal, not to mention you will now have a great excuse to invest in more adorable lingerie from Tempestra! 

Hopefully these three tips have been remotely useful. Check back in a few days for my throwback review of a nursing bra from Royce.


Tempestra UK, Thoughts on Breastfeeding


Weighing In On The Endless Public Breastfeeding Controversy

You are damned if you do you are damned if you don’t. This is how I felt about breastfeeding when I first had my son. Our society and culture promotes breastfeeding for health reasons but shames women for publically breastfeeding their child. It is one of the biggest hypocrisies that I have ever heard of and if you naively believe that breast-feeding is a “non issue” in 2014, then you are tragically mistaken.

In fact just a week ago, Anna a fellow lingerie blogger over at Bras and Body Image, shared a story on twitter about her cousin in  Rugeley, Staffordshire, being called a “tramp” in local facebook group for breast feeding her baby out on a step. If you read the article- you’ll see the picture of Emily Slough (her name), nursing her baby on the front steps of a restaurant. It looks like they both have taken a break for lunch!

Now, why someone would choose to slut-shame this woman by calling her tramp for breastfeeding in public is beyond me. In response to this the “Spotted In Rugely Facebook Page”, where the image was originally posted, was shut down. The public response to this controversy has been mixed, but most people have offered support even organizing a mass feed.

Funny Breastfeeding tempestra UKRecently, it feels as if a day doesn’t go by where you don’t hear about some sort of “breastfeeding” issue in the media. This was just a recent example of this happening in the UK. For those who do not know I am actually located in Alberta Canada, but even here we are not stranger to similar arguments. Right now, there is a buzzing news story going around about an Albertan women being asked to breastfeed in the bathroom of a courthouse rather than out in public. It was an actual court officer who asked her to move, and now she is pushing for a change in policy in regards to public breastfeeding in municipal buildings. And I would agree with her. If people pay taxes, they should be allowed to breastfeed wherever they want even if it is in a courthouse. Not to mention, children should never have to eat their meal in a public bathroom. That is just unfair and gross.

Royce nursing bra Tempestra UK

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Blogger nursing Tempestra UKHonestly, when I was breastfeeding my son, I never felt comfortable breastfeeding in public even with a cover. People do look and sneer, and some ignorant individuals (mostly men) do make comments. This is a HUGE issue, because everyone knows that this happens and it makes new moms wary about breastfeeding. This, paired with the misconception that breastfeeding ruins your boobs and makes you unattractive to your mate are two of the main reasons why many women choose not to breastfeed. Which, excuse me for sounding biased, is one of the best things that a mom can do to bond with their infant and insure their child’s health.

Because Tempestra UK is all about confidence by the cupful, I think that this is a relevant issue to discuss. Obviously, breastfeeding, boobs, and body image all fall under the categories of what we value here. I’ll be blogging ecstatically about breastfeeding for the next few days and would love you joined the conversation by commenting below or joining me on Facebook!

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Tempestra UK Lingerie Review: Panache Porcelain Viva Moulded T-Shirt Bra

Superbra Porcelain Viva Moulded T-Shirt Bra in Lilac

Okay, so I’ve been promising to review my new Superbra Porcelain Moulded T-Shirt Bra for awhile now. I had been gushing about this bra since it came up in my preview list at the end of January and I was in love with the color, shape, style, EVERYTHING it just looked gorgeous to me. The size range for this particular bra is D-G so I had to size up on the band to 36 and down on the cup to a G in order to try this beautiful Panache Bra out. When the Bra arrived I was thrilled, it is a beautiful in person as it in on your screen. I really, wanted this bra to be a fantastic addition to my every-day collection. Ever since I gave birth my boobs have been OUT OF CONTROL and I have not had a moulded t-shirt bra that I love since my son was born. I really wanted this Superbra Porcelain to become a staple in my wardrobe.

DD+ Bra

It should be noted that this is the first time that I have recieved a Panache bra that I was not particularly happy with. One of the reasons why I have put off writing this review is because I hoped that I would be happier with this bra after a few wears. Like many of you my bra size changes depending what time of the month it is, at the time these pictures were taken it was “that time” of the month so I was not surprised that the G cup didn’t work. However, that said I have a selection of other G cup bras from Panache that still fit me- so my first inkling was that these cups have more volume on the top than on the bottom because they are moulded. If you look at the image below, you can see that there is still plenty of room for my breast but the fit still wasn’t quite right. This is an odd thing that happens to me with the foam moulded cup bras with specific volumes.


It didn’t help that band was loose at a 36. This I blame on myself. The fact that this bra did not really fit- was because I naively thought that I could size up and size down and still be satisfied. The REALITY is that you really need to be in the right band size if you want to get the most out of your bras. As a lingerie reviewer and die-hard, I should of known better. Needless to say I’ve learnt my lesson and won’t be trying this again even if the bra I have my eye on is as beautiful as the Panache Porcelain Viva in Lilac.


One other grievance that I had with this bra, along with the off fit, is the thin little wee straps. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t prefer a slim strap for fashion reasons, but let’s be honest when you get into the DD+ range, what you really need from your bra is support. This bra offers zero. I will admit once again that I got the bra size wrong on this one but these straps are too skinny and flimsy either way. It is such a shame because in theory the Superbra Porcelain Viva Moulded Cup is a super beautiful piece from Panache.  Obviously it didn’t work for me, however not all hope is lost if you are still considering buying this bra from Tempestra UK.

Shop For The Porcelain Viva Moulded Superbra From Panache At Tempestra UK 

Final Thoughts, Superbra Porcelain Viva Moulded T-Shirt Bra in Lilac

If you have had luck with any of the Porcelain Moulded Bra’s from Panache then the Lilac addition is probably still a good choice for you. Like many-molded cup bras that I have tried your breast shape and size really need to be compatible with the bra cups, which are not very forgiving because they are shaped with foam. What we have learnt here is that mine are not working with this bra.. Alas, maybe molded cups just aren’t for me these days. However if you are in the smaller range ( G and under) and you can get this bra in your correct size it is a decent pick. It is still pretty, lightweight, and comfortable.

If you watch this video that was put out by Panache promoting the Superbra Porcelain Viva Molded T-shirt Bra you’ll see it fitting on a petite model. It works much better for her and the thin straps and small cups don’t appear to be a problem.

On a another note, I checked some other reviews for the Panache Porcelain Viva Moulded T-Shirt Bra and I am not the only one complaining about the small moulded cup size and flimsy straps on the viva. The reviews overall on this bra are rather mixed. I think it comes down to your breast shape working properly with the cup volume.

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