Confidence Boosting Lingerie From Tempestra

New Lingerie From Tempestra Can Give You Back The Confidence You Have Been Missing

A few days ago we received this response from a Tempestra Lingerie customer whom we had recently helped select a gift from the website for his significant other:

Many Thanks,
It arrived today, I really appreciate your effort!
Have a great weekend… I know I will!!!!

Although we do not typically fancy ourselves matchmakers, it sounds like we helped bring two people a little bit closer together this weekend.5 Reasons To Buy Lingerie

This customer’s message got me thinking about my own marriage, and how I would feel if J.P purchased me a “little something” like that for Christmas this year. It may not surprise any of you to hear that although we are newlyweds, this first year of marriage has been tough. With our little one just starting to run around, and stay up until all hours of the night, we don’t get a lot of “us time”, and more often than not by the time we do hit the bedroom, sleep often will overrule sexy time. Michelle & Jp On Honeymoon

It isn’t just the lack of occasion holding us back either, as a new mum I do have my own struggles feeling desirable or sexy on demand. It wasn’t too long ago that I was a carefree twenty-something who could spend hours primping myself, doing my hair and make-up I could pretty much spend as much time as I wanted making myself look and feel great. Somehow in the last two years I have given a lot of that up in exchange for taking care of my husband and son. We often joke that it must have been a slow day if I bothered to get out of my pyjamas. Sometimes J.P comes home to find me exactly as he left me, sans a few baby food and milk stains all over my flannel pyjama pants. (Sexy, I know)

Instead of a romantic greeting and smooch at the front door, I often dump the baby on him and run into the shower for a quick 15 minutes of solitude. Blissssss….Showers are not the same any more either, instead of carefully shaving my legs, deep-conditioning my hair and slowly getting ready for the evening. I typically do a “5-minute” quick rinse off, jump out, and then swap one pair of PJ’s for another before going to start dinner.

With everything going on in our lives, sex certainly is not the first thing on our minds, it might be the sixth or seventh thing on the list of priorities, but by time we get that far down the list the first few several things have already exhausted us. Unfortunately J.P isn’t exactly the biggest romantic either; he is a shy guy with old-fashioned values, and a tendency to be overly polite when it comes to intimacy. Typically if I am not the one putting it out there, he will often patiently wait until I am.

Sometimes I wonder if the flame in our marriage is running a bit low?

One thing that I do know is that I would like to receive a gift of lingerie from my husband because it would re-affirm that fact that despite my new roles as a wife and mother he still finds me desirable. The simple gesture of purchasing something thoughtful for a loved one can do a lot to boost their self-esteem. After all, when you spend all your time caring for others it is easy to forget about yourself and it is nice to be treated once in awhile.


Pretty and Supportive The Jasmine Bra By Panache

This is why Tempestra’s holiday campaign this year is “Give Me Back A Little Me”, we developed this concept based on the idea that many women, like myself, may end up in a bit of a confidence rut after major life changes occur. As you get older or more settled into your relationships, you begin to let a little bit of that spontaneous and playful sexual prowess slip away. Even more discouraging can be the loss of the self-esteem that you may have once obtained from feeling sexually desirable and admired. From talking to other women, I’ve discovered that I am not the only one who is currently going through this sort of “slump” phase so I wanted to reach out and let these women know that they aren’t alone.

Although I am completely content in my marriage and my new life as a mum, I’d have to say I am not 100% “satisfied” with it either, if you know what I mean?

I am not saying that a flattering Bra and Panty set or a naughty Baby Doll, is the solution to all of life’s little romantic hiccups. However, the gesture of giving such an intimate gift can be one way to re-affirm that those feelings of passion haven’t completely dissolved. This goes both ways; we can’t place all the blame on the men either, if you want to feel great about yourself don’t wait for him to take the initiative. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel fantastic like a new properly fitted bra from Tempestra that will give you back some confidence. After all there is nothing more sexy than a woman with confidence, and believe it or not your self-esteem lows could also be the reason things have gone a bite stale in the bedroom.

It is a proven fact that men are drawn to women who have that glowing confidence, so take some time for yourself, and try to rediscover a little bit of that old pep. I guess maybe, I should stop waiting on J.P and take a bit of my own advice.

Until next time,

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