Tempestra Review: Clara Panache Superbra

Well here it is my first official bra review for Tempestra.co.uk, I won’t lie I was pretty nervous actually snapping the pictures but with J.P’s help (selfies really did not flatter the product) I was able to take some acceptable photographs that really showed off the sheer beauty of the Clara Superbra. Just a note for those who may be wondering, I did adjust the photo’s tone and vibrancy to make it appear a bit truer to color, and make my skin look less pasty white. Other than that the images have not been altered, and I even left my beautiful stretch marks intact (although I may edit them out in the future) so that other mum’s who may stumble upon my blog can feel fairly represented. 

The Clara Panache Superbra 34HH and Size 14 Briefclara

Before trying it for myself I had heard nothing but good things about the Clara Panache Superbra and the Panache Superbra line. This particular bra comes in lovely color that is called “Moonlight”, which turned out to be an in-between of periwinkle and lavender, it is detailed with a sheer greyish lace that appears black in the marketing photographs. (It really is a unique color that is hard to describe, but is truly gorgeous and the greyish lace looks complimentery.)

I had chosen this bra to review because I felt like it would be a good option for something pretty and supportive, with decent enough coverage to feel properly enclosed, but not a high cut granny bra that showed up under low cut tops. This bra really met my expectations as far as satisfying it’s sales description, as it is an extremely flattering, true to fit, lace bra by Panache. In many ways I can’t help but be extra impressed with it because it gives an amazing shape and a bit of extra uplift that I wasn’t expecting to see in a majority  “lace” bra. The underwire is thick and works overtime to give a great shape that does not relax or change with movement.

I wore the  Clara Panache Superbra all day and found it very comfortable for regular day wear and I really appreciated how well it actually separated my breasts and held them in place so that they did not shift or move at all! The only thing I found wrong with my fit was a little bit of extra overspill on the top of the cup when you look down directly. This wasn’t a problem as far as how the bra looked (I think it looks fantastic!) and I wouldn’t go up a cup size because even with this minor issue (I think that the J would be much too big). However if you are looking to order this exact same bra and your breasts tend to be plumper on the top you may want to consider going up another cup size. That said, the problem wasn’t noticeable and my breasts did not “fall out” or even move after 12 hours in the Superbra.  I am satisfied with the way that the 34HH fit and it was my first time trying on a Panache bra since having my son and having a slight change in size.

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Overall Thoughts On The Panache Clara Superbra

Since we have been talking about getting back some confidence and maybe sneaking in a little bit of romance over the holiday season I will say that the Clara Superbra is also very sexy and fun to wear. J.P liked it because of the lace, and I liked it because of how good I thought it made my boobs look (with and without a top on). If you are looking for something that can do double duty, like surviving a night on the town wining and dining and then still deliver in the bedroom the Clara Panache Superbra is a great choice.

As someone who used to loyally purchase only Freya and Fantasie bras I’d have to say that I am glad that I had an opportunity to review the Panache’s Superbra and see for myself what I had been missing. I will definitely be willing to try another Superbra in the near future.

As for the Clara Panache Superbra Brief you can see that the cut didn’t look that flattering on me and it was “overshadowed” by my mummy tummy. Even in a bigger size the lower rise style doesn’t work that well for me these days. However, It is a pretty set together and if you do not have that dreaded pouch you probably won’t have any problems and it is worth having both pieces. I would prefer a high waisted short but there isn’t really anything wrong with the panty overall, I am merely talking about what works with my preferences/body type.

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Hopefully some of you find this review helpful and I just want to say once again how excited I am to be blogging for Tempestra, and joining the DD+ lingerie blog community. I also received a  Masquerade Angie Balconette and the Ipanema slimming corset from Brazilian bodywear in my care package so you can be expecting a review of these two new products very soon.

Cheers once again,


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