Tempestra Review: Angie Masquerade By Panache & Esbelt Slimming Corset

My initial impression on this set was that it simply looked beautiful, however before putting it on my heart kind of fluttered because I didn’t think that it would fit. I have had so many bad experiences with bra and panty sets that I thought were gorgeous and then ended up just not working for me for various reasons.

I am happy to say that the Angie Masquerade Bra, which is currently being featured on the Tempestra home page, was not one of them. It worked for me, which has me thinking that it would probably work for just about anyone! Once again I had my husband J.P help me snap some pictures so you can see how wonderful this bra is on.


Angie Masquerade Bra By Panache 34H and Esbelt Slimming Corset Size 14


The masquerade bra and brief come in a festive red color that is perfect for the holiday season. The bra is a lightly padded balconette bra with deep cups that is decorated with black lace and a black pattern detail. At first glance I thought that the 34H would be too small but like I mentioned the cups are spacious and had plenty of room to hold and support my girls. One thing that I noticed similar to the Clara Panache Bra is that there was just a bit of overspill on the top but not enough to justify the bigger cup size (J). You can see in the pictures how the bra gives amazing cleavage and does not compromise on support. Like with the Clara I felt as if I could move freely, bend over, dance, etc. without the bra moving or changing shape. This is something I look for in particular because personally I have no use for a bra that looks great when standing stationary. A great fitting bra should allow free movement and comfort. (You shouldn’t have to worry about “falling out”).

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My only complaint about the Angie Masquerade Bra is that it isn’t exactly fashionably versatile. The big problem was trying to find a top that it didn’t show under. If you like to have a collection of pretty things, just for yourself then the Angie Masquerade is a wonderful bra but as a functional every day staple the Angie falls short. I will just go ahead and assume that nobody is buying it hoping that it will be their go-to t-shirt bra. Red happens to be J.P’s favourite color and he is cursing me for saying anything bad about these pieces as we speak!

When you pair together the whole package Angie Masquerade Bra, Brief, and the Esbelt Slimming Corset you feel like a gift-wrapped package. When I fastened myself into the Esbelt I was stunned at how slimming it was. “So this is what it feels like to be skinny!” I joked. Truthfully though I feel as if it really smoothed out my trouble spots and cinched me in at least 2 dress sizes. I won’t go overboard and say that it is exactly “comfortable” to wear but compared to other shape wear that I have tried it is acceptable and for a special occasion it would be fine to wear under clothes. The one thing that I feel the need to mention is the rubbery texture and elastic that some people may find off putting. It does an amazing job slimming BUT in exchange for that it is made up of some pretty heavy-duty material that don’t breathe well. I haven’t worn it out under an outfit yet, so I can’t tell you how it survives a full day (or evenings) wear, but I have a feeling that if you need something that allows you to sit down and move freely the Esbelt is quite the corset. (It’s tight) That said, it surprisingly didn’t dig or leave unsightly red marks when I took it off so that is an upside plus it was really easy to put on and stayed fastened the entire time I was wearing it.


For ladies who have a bit of extra skin or “mum-tum” like myself the Esbelt and the briefs really did an amazing job tucking that all in. I felt absolutely well supported and confident. Not that I would, but If I absolutely had to strut down the street in this combo; I would have no problem doing so. I am actually contemplating getting some boudoir pictures done in this outfit because it makes me feel so great.


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Final Thoughts

Tempestra’s winter campaign this year is “Give me back a little me” and this set really encompassed that feeling. I have been struggling with my new figure ever since I had my son a year ago. Although I had always enjoyed being curvy, lately I have gone back and forth with my self-esteem trying to get use to the “new me”. This outfit (and I am not just saying this to move merchandise) absolutely gave me a little bit of my old self back. Anyone who has had a baby is struggling with their confidence should really consider buying luxurious lingerie set (and pair it with a corset) from Tempestra. Even if it is just for those once in awhile-special occasions; having this kind of confidence booster in your artillery drawer for those “feeling fat” days is well worth the investment!

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