All I Want For Christmas Is More Diversity In Lingerie

Hopefully I am not joining the #DiversityinLingerie conversation too late, I am a bit new to the lingerie blogger community but I have been following along and thinking about this for awhile now so here is my two cents:

When you have a large chest sometimes you can feel like a walking set of ta-tas. Your life is just a little bit different than everyone else’s because of how you are perceived due to your large DD+ breasts. Your entire life, you will never be allowed to forget this, because when people meet you for the first time they will always feel the need to point out that you have large breasts, as if it I was something that you didn’t already know. dpostimage2

You’d think that other women would be understanding but instead many have the tendency to be a bit judgemental when it comes to women with larger cup size breasts. Typically they will treat you in one of two ways; either a.) As if you are a threat to them because you have clearly chosen to be busty on purpose or b.) They will act as if they are jealous of you because you have been so lucky to be gifted with such a fantastic burdening chest. “Uncomfortable” is the word that summarizes how you having big boobs makes other women feel and in a catty fashion they will never allow you to merely “accept” them for what they are. (You should either have them reduced, or keep them hidden from the public) You’d be lying if you said that you had never noticed the snaky glances from women (both young and old) when your chest is on display…as if you have done something horribly offensive by embracing your extra curves.

If you get even an inch of confidence and are proud enough to attempt to flatter your chest instead of hiding it, certain people begin to take this as an invitation to make assumptions about your promiscuity. A woman with her DD+ breasts proudly on display is a harlot, while women with small and modest boobs can wear nearly anything and not get a second glance in public. If you are curvy and choose to own these features with confidence suddenly you are a topic of controversy, but if you are small, well toned, with just the right amount of chest, you can show it off as you like and nobody will bat an eyelash.

Women like myself, who have been busty for a while (since junior school) were robbed of their early adolescence by bullying comments and sexual harassment long before they knew enough about “sex” or “sexiness” to understand why they were being subjected to these things. For some reason our men have been taught to objectify anything with a chest especially when it can not be hidden. DO NOT get me started on fashion for busty young girls because in most cases it is relatively unobtainable. Finding a flattering top that fits well and meets the standards of what would be considered modest for a girl around thirteen years old is nearly impossible. Forget about bras or lingerie sets that even work or are properly sized. The brand names and stores that are supposed to cater to these young girls do not recognize diverse body shapes at all! For me, it wasn’t until much later in life when I had access to online shopping and a credit card that I finally discovered there was such thing as an F cup, G cup, or H….

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Diversity in Lingerie is SO important and it goes beyond the demand for fashionable options in the DD+ range. A properly fitting bra, that isn’t frumpy, can do wonders for a girl’s confidence (also posture, back pain reduction, overall quality of life!) and there is a demographic of busty women who need more of these products SO BADLY to regain their confidence and rise above much of the adversity that I have described.

DD+ cup and 28- sizes should not be considered luxury items. It is a very narrow market that fits into the standard franchise store size ranges (Victoria Secret, La Senza, La Vie En Rose). Why is it that anything DD+ is still considered a speciality size when the average bust size in the world was quoted at 36DD? Why is DD+ still coveted as the “glory size” between having attractively large boobs and having too much boob to be considered normal?

What has happened in our society that we have allowed these companies to dictate what is acceptable and what isn’t all for the sake of retail sales? These companies still boast that they can “fit anyone” but they use outdated sizing and fitting techniques that leave so many women out of the loop.

I may be a sponsored lingerie blogger for (a retail site which proudly carries bras A-J cup in all band sizes) but I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t genuinely passionate about the current changes that are happening in DD+ fashion industry and how one apparently minuscule product like a properly fitting bra has the power to make women who are down about their bust size feel confident and great. I want more diversity in lingerie and encoruage you to support brands and companies that also promote these values and URGE you to boycott ones that do not.postimage

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2 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is More Diversity In Lingerie

  1. Well said! Thanks for the post and for opening my eyes to these concerns over the recent years. As someone who barely falls into the dd+ (32E here) I could usually “manage” in the more commercial sizes but even I can tell a huge difference in how everything feels in a proper bra! No matter our size or shape why shouldn’t we strive to feel the best we can?

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